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Our Action Field: An Overview To Be Reviewed and Refined in Cooperation with Co-Creative Members


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#1 Action Field of Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation totally committed to best practices in all areas of our environment and inviting people to adopt those and live in harmony with the earth.

This action field has many potential components: Water, Nutrition, Energy, Waste Disposal, Clothing, Housing, Health, Healing, Arts. And for each of those, best practices are to be researched from various angles: what they are, how to implement them, how to ensure and finance them if needed



#2 Action Field of Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation. Education is seen as “the” channel to move from theory to reality by providing to people the tools or skills allowing them, not only to adopt the best practices in terms of eco-living but also awaken them to new ways of being for themselves and within society.

Themes such as INpowerment, INlightenment, Successful Living Skills, Collaboration, Co-Creation are very important in terms of education and partnerships/alliances are established by the Foundation with the Ultimate Destiny University and its affiliates to provide access to the relevant education materials.



#3 Action Field of the Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation. There is a lot to review in terms of work environment and practices. Still too many corporations are driven solely by return on investment at the expense of everything else and enslaving people to work towards that only goal. Pollution and stress are endemic. Those practices are not sustainable.

The research of Gaia Soul Alliance with the appropriate partners will identify and reveal to the world alternative and healthier approaches to work environment and practices. The research will also address motivational and leadership approaches which are best suited.



#4 Action Field of Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation. There are many ways to fill in our leisure time and a lot depends on age, skills, interests and sometimes real passion. Every form of leisure has its value and the Foundation has no pretension to address best practices in the myriad of leisure form from cooking, skying, swimming, laying down on a beach, … The focus is how to incorporate mind, body and spirit in a balanced way when addressing leisure time. What are the best practices in that area to really provide not only relief but energetic depth for mind, body and spirit? Yoga, Qigong, Reiki versus extreme sports! Art exhibition, Theatre versus Night clubs. This action field exploration is near infinite.



#5 Action field of Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation. Though this field is applicable to the Foundation itself, the objective here is to research and identify the best practices in various areas such as Membership, Fund raising, Outreach, Marketing and Promotion, Featured Resources and obviously apply them to the foundation but also propose ways to people, foundation and corporations ways to access them and derive the best benefits from them. This is a very important area for many as funding is key to sustain activities.



#6 Action Field of Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation. The world of communication is extremely vast. Besides the pure ethical aspect of the integrity in communication, best practices research will address the paper and non-paper forms of communication such as Print and Digital Publishing, Audio/Video/Online Training, Webinars and Tele-seminars, Summit and Conferences.The objective is to bring to the light the forms of communication that are not only the most efficient not only in terms quality/price but also in terms reach/price while being respectful of the environment.


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We believe that action is more important than words. We believe in the beauty of the earth and the need to adopt a responsible behavior to ensure it remains a living space for generations to come. We believe that everyone has a role to play. The smallest step towards partnering, collaborating, supporting the cause has its merits.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you can play a role or if you have any questions about us and our activities.

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