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Contribute: Donation, Membership, Cocreation – Three ways to contribute – All Equally Valuable – What Counts is the Willingness to Support at Whatever Level is Most Appropriate

Contribute by Becoming Member

We are so happy to now be able to invite your cocreative and collaboration partnership as a Member of the Foundation! We are initially offering three Membership levels and with the option of selecting monthly or annual contributions. Please Subscribe at whatever level feels in alignment with your INterests and INtentions.

We are currently proposing three levels of membership with monthly or annual payment option:

  • Basic Member: $11.00 USD – monthly option
  • Basic Member: $111.00 USD – yearly option
  • Supporter: $50.00 USD – monthly option
  • Supporter: $500.00 USD – yearly option
  • Charter Member: $100.00 USD – monthly option
  • Charter Member: $1,000.00 USD – yearly option

The initial Charter Members will be invited to serve on an advisory team to help shape the details of the various levels of membership and help identify the benefits and services available to Members. Please do participate and contact us with your feedback, suggestions and recommended programs, products or services we could make available to our Members, Sponsors and Donors. Thank you!

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Contribute through Donations

We welcome and deeply appreciate your donation to help us relocate the Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation to its new home in Sedona, Arizona, We are preparing to offer new Membership services, enter into strategic alliances with other non-profit organizations and in some cases with cause-oriented Benefit Corporations) in alignment with the Foundation’s Core Values. We are inviting donations to help cover the relocations expenses, to set up our new base of operations, create informational publications, produce a calendar of live and online events, establish, set up and manage various social media platforms, and launch one or more Crowd Funding Campaigns to attract cocreative and collaborative partnerships in developing, implementing and ensuring the ultimate success of our programs and projects and those of our present and future strategic alliance partners.

Please contact us with any questions at +1 928-554-4715,
visit and Like our Facebook pages and subscribe to our forthcoming newsletter.


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A Healthy World to Future Generations

Cocreate with Us Equals Contribute too

Once the activities will be further developed, other forms of support will be opened such as volunteering or participating as advisor or contributor for instance.

In the initial stage of its activities, Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation does not consider remunerating people for their contributions as appropriate. The Foundation relies on voluntary sources of financing and not on commercial sales to sustain its activities. Therefore the Foundation values free contributions in the form of volunteering. Volunteering can take many forms, from administrative support to contributions to newsletters, assuming the leadership of specific projects, you name it. In this way, only costs can be contained and more projects launched successfully to the benefit of all.

We are welcoming and valuing any form of support you may provide. Do not hesitate to contact us.



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Love and Gratitude

Thank you for everything you do for us, from the smallest donation, the little help to volunteering, charter membership, project leadership and all forms of cocreation. Everything helps and resonate with positive energy.

Together we can bring Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation to fulfill the mission it was created for, ensure our well-being and leave to future generation a world in which it will be pleasant, safe and healthy to live in.

This tremendous cocreative energy is like MUSIC TO OUR EARS.

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We believe that action is more important than words. We believe in the beauty of the earth and the need to adopt a responsible behavior to ensure it remains a living space for generations to come. We believe that everyone has a role to play. The smallest step towards partnering, collaborating, supporting the cause has its merits.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you can play a role or if you have any questions about us and our activities.

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