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1. Question: Why does Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation require my personal information?

Answer: Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation asks for your name and email address when you register as a Co- Creator simply to know who you are, so we can communicate with you. (We will never share your information with anyone outside of the perimeter of the Foundation. We use industry standard procedures and technology to maintain the security and privacy of your information.

2. Question: How can I become a Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation Co-Creator and receive your emails?

Answer: Just click on anyone of the buttons except the “Donate” button listed under “Get Involved” in the header or under the site cover image and follow the respective registration instructions.

3. Question: How can I donate to the Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation?

Answer: Just click on the “Donate” button that appears both under “Get Involved” in the header or under the site cover image and follow the described payment procedure.

4. Question: When was Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation started?

Answer: Legally the company was incorporated in June 2014, received its 501c3 status in March 2015 and started operations in February 2017 after moving its operations from Texas to Arizona.

5. Question : What volunteer positions are currently available?

Answer: Click here to see available positions.

6. Question: How do I view upcoming events?

Answer: Click here to see our upcoming events.

7. Question: How do I contact Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation to submit a question, comment or suggestion?

Answer: Use the standard contact form provided below.

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We believe that action is more important than words. We believe in the beauty of the earth and the need to adopt a responsible behavior to ensure it remains a living space for generations to come. We believe that everyone has a role to play. The smallest step towards partnering, collaborating, supporting the cause has its merits.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you can play a role or if you have any questions about us and our activities.

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