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Our Intent: Vision, Mission and Values Resonating with Everyone


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Thanks for being here with us to discover in greater details the vision, mission and values dear to Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation. If you are here, we sincerely wish that you will resonate with those and integrate them in your daily life.

Vision and Mission

You and the Earth in Harmony

Most Trusted

As part of our intent, we “INvision” Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation becoming one of the most sought after and trusted alliances of people, communities, organizations and businesses on earth for co-creating sustainable health and well-being for all beings on and in harmony with the earth, and for the earth itself.

Intentional Community

All members of the Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation are also encouraged to participate as a global co-creative collective “Intentional Community to bring forth healthy loving ways to protect and preserve our individual and community health and well-being and the health and well-being of our home planet Earth, its inhabitants and its resources.

Live the Vision

On an individual and micro-scale basis, living the vision will translate into daily life application of the best-known practices available in each individual circumstance and in each relevant field, organization and business.

Best Practices

On an interactive and macro-scale basis, members of the Gaia Soul Alliance are encouraged to research those best practices, find new ways to improve on them and help fund projects to make them available as widely as possible throughout the earth.


As part of its intent, Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation’s mission is to provide a global and cross-border community platform to help INlighten and INpower people, communities, organizations and businesses to actively participate in healthy sustainable living to ensure their freedom and well-being in every aspect of life.


The community platform will be nourished by multiple alliances aiming at researching and making available to its members best practices in many fields such as those outlined in our action field page.


It is all about acting jointly and lovingly

As part of its intent, Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation is expected to link people, organizations, enterprises and corporations from diverse regions and cultures gained to its cause. Due to this diversity, it is key to have a set of values that everyone can share and live up with.

Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation has earmarked five sets of values that it considers as the most appropriate for all its members and that will give strength to its identity and image for insiders as well as outsiders.


Recognizing the underlying force that ties us as humans and all other forms of creation together. Offering hope to those in search of help and a place, a forum, where all are welcome. Being pure in spirit and respecting the Earth and all its inhabitants.


Fulfilling our obligation to help build a better, stronger and more durable world for future generations Meeting our commitments to stakeholders Protecting the Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation brand Initiating and following through on actions to facilitate healing for individuals, communities and the global environment



Embracing and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships in concert with the Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation’s vision, mission and core values Recognizing that together we are more effective than the sum of our parts

Cocreative Collaboration

Unifying the power of global insight, relationships and learning to deliver exceptional service to Alliance members, partners and other collaborators wherever they reside


Integrity and Authenticity

Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean Matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions Being authentic and ever present to the truth of who we are and the desire for a healthier life and future that unites us

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We believe that action is more important than words. We believe in the beauty of the earth and the need to adopt a responsible behavior to ensure it remains a living space for generations to come. We believe that everyone has a role to play. The smallest step towards partnering, collaborating, supporting the cause has its merits.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you can play a role or if you have any questions about us and our activities.

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