Interested to be one of the volunteers? Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation is getting into full swing and is looking for support in many fields. Postings will be made in various locations.

While every person, organization or business joining the Community is per se volunteering to apply in daily life and activities the values of the Alliance and to contribute to its vision and mission, the Gaia Soul Alliance is calling on people to volunteer part of their time to spread the vision, mission and values of the Alliance in their local communities and to initiate micro-projects aligned with this vision, mission and values.

As the group of volunteers grows, some of them will have the opportunity to assume a federating role in their respective region/country/language to provide true localized support. Similarly, as interest grows in the various potential fields of activity, global sponsors will be chosen to preserve coherence and synergy between the global vision and mission and the local initiatives.

Those are of course initial thoughts as volunteering requires an appropriate support to provide guidance and monitoring and such support needs to be built progressively.

Of course any member of this community interested to help on building our team of volunteers is welcome to make itself known by contacting us through the form below or through Facebook messenger. The geographic location is not important. The foundation operates worldwide as a virtual platform.

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